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Our high-rated landscape program includes the following services, all designed to address both the aesthetic and funcational aspects of a landscape, ensuring it is both beautiful and sustainable:

  • Landscape Design & Consultation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Planting Services
  • Landscape Installation
  • Tree and Shrub Trimming
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Bed Maintenance
  • Mulching & Edging
  • Fall Clean Up
  • Leaf Clean Up
  • Ground-Cover Trimming/Controlling
  • Grading
  • Seasonal Landscaping
  • Sod or turf Installation
  • Lawn Care

We will customize a program for your lawn and landscape needs.

We treat each landscape project as if it were our own.

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Our Complete Landscaping Services

High Quality Lawn Fertilizing is one of our main services.
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Lawn care extends far beyond the simple act of mowing. It encompasses a broad spectrum of activities dedicated to preserving and improving the health and aesthetic appeal of your lawn. This comprehensive approach includes various tasks such as watering, fertilization, pest control, and more, each playing a pivotal role in cultivating a vibrant and thriving lawn.

Introduction to Landscaping

Landscaping is not just about planting a few trees and flowers; it’s about creating a harmonious and sustainable outdoor environment. From the initial design to the selection of plants and materials, each step requires careful consideration to ensure that the final landscape is both beautiful and functional. In this guide, we’ll delve into the various aspects of landscaping, providing insights and tips to help you transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis.

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping encompasses a wide range of activities, from simple garden maintenance to complex design projects involving different elements like plants, hardscapes, and water features. It’s an art that balances aesthetics with functionality, creating spaces that are not only pleasing to the eye but also beneficial to the environment and the local ecosystem.

The Importance of Landscaping

Effective landscaping can significantly enhance the curb appeal and value of a property. It’s not just about aesthetics; it also plays a crucial role in environmental conservation, helping to improve air quality and reduce soil erosion. A well-designed landscape offers a place for relaxation and enjoyment, contributing to overall well-being.

Planning Your Landscape Design

Understanding Your Space

Before embarking on any landscaping project, it’s essential to understand your space. Factors like soil type, sunlight, and climate conditions play a significant role in determining what plants and features will thrive in your landscape. Consider the size and shape of your area to maximize its potential.

Choosing a Theme for Your Garden

Selecting a theme for your garden can give your landscape a cohesive and organized appearance. Whether you prefer a traditional English garden, a minimalist Zen space, or a vibrant tropical retreat, your theme should reflect your personal style and complement the architectural style of your home.

Budgeting for Your Landscaping Project

Creating a budget for your landscaping project is crucial. It helps in making informed decisions about materials, plants, and the extent of your landscaping. Remember, landscaping is an investment in your property, and a well-planned budget ensures that you can achieve your desired outcome without overspending.

Key Elements of Landscaping

Plants and Flowers in Landscaping

The choice of plants and flowers is at the heart of any landscaping project. Consider a variety of species that bloom at different times of the year for a constantly evolving landscape. Pay attention to their maintenance needs and suitability to your local climate and location. This ensures that plants that benefit from full sun or are happy in shade get the best chance to thrive.

Incorporating Hardscape Elements

Hardscaping elements like paths, patios, and walls not only add structure to your landscape but also enhance its functionality. These features should be integrated seamlessly with the natural elements to create a balanced and inviting outdoor space.

Lighting and Water Features

Incorporating lighting and water features can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Strategically placed lights can create a warm ambiance, while water features like fountains or ponds add a tranquil element to your garden, making it a perfect retreat.

Landscaping for Different Seasons

Spring and Summer Landscaping

Spring and summer are vibrant seasons for landscaping. During spring, it’s all about prepping your garden and planting. This is the time to plant colorful annuals and perennials, ensuring your garden bursts into color as the weather warms. Summer requires a focus on maintenance; regular watering and mulching help plants thrive in the heat. Consider planting heat-tolerant plants that can withstand the summer sun, and don’t forget to add a layer of mulch to retain moisture and control weeds.

Fall and Winter Landscaping

As the seasons change, so should your landscaping approach. Fall is the perfect time for planting trees and shrubs, as the cooler temperatures encourage root growth. It’s also the time to prep your garden for winter; clean up fallen leaves, and apply a layer of winter mulch for protection. Winter might seem like a dormant period, but it’s an excellent time for planning. Assess your landscape’s structure, as the bare trees and shrubs reveal the bones of your garden, allowing you to plan for the next year’s landscaping endeavors.

Professional Landscaping Services

When to Hire a Professional

Deciding when to hire a professional landscaper can be a game-changer for your outdoor space. If your project is large, complex, or requires specialized skills (like installing complex landscaping or hardscaping), it’s wise to call in the experts. Additionally, if you’re short on time or want to ensure the job is done right the first time, professional landscapers like Quality Yard and Home Maintenance can provide the efficiency and quality you need.

Choosing the Right Landscaping Company

Selecting the right landscaping company is crucial to achieving your desired outdoor space. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Research: Look for companies with strong reputations and positive reviews. Websites and social media can be great resources for gauging customer satisfaction.
  • Reputation: Check online reviews, ask for customer testimonials, and talk to neighbors to gauge the reputation of the service provider. A good reputation often indicates reliable and quality service. We have a 4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Rating/147 reviews and  4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Facebook Rating/90 Reviews. Give us 1% of your trust and we’ll earn the other 99% 
  • Experience and Expertise: Choose a company with experience in projects similar to yours. Ensure they have the necessary skills and qualifications, such as ISA Certified Arborists or OCNT Landscape Certified contractors.
  • Range of Services: Ensure the company offers a wide range of services that match your specific needs. A provider that offers comprehensive services can be a convenient choice to handle your complete project that might include landscape planning, planting and installation, water features and hardscapes, essentially all your landscaping needs. We offer a complete line of lawn care and landscaping services to keep your home looking beautiful. (And, once you get to know us, you’ll want to take advantage of our other services to help maintain your home). See below for more details.
  • Cost and Budget: Discuss your budget upfront and get a detailed quote. Be wary of quotes that seem too good to be true; quality work often comes at a fair price.
  • Communication: Good communication is key. Choose a company that listens to your needs and communicates clearly and frequently throughout the project.

Quality Yard and Home Maintenance stands out as a prime example of a landscaping company that meets these criteria. As a local, family-owned business in Pataskala, Ohio, since 2010, we pride ourselves on our team of ISA Certified Arborists and OCNT Landscape Certified contractors. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us an ideal choice for your landscaping needs. Request a Quote using the button on this page, or call to book a meeting. You can reach out to us directly at 614-559-0078 to schedule a personal consultation from one of our expert landscapers.

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Professional Landscaping: Available Services

Quality Yard & Home Maintenance - highest rated lawn care service in Central Ohio

Landscape Design and Consultation

Professional design and consultation services are crucial for creating a cohesive and functional outdoor space. Landscapers work with you to understand your vision and provide expert advice on how to best utilize your outdoor area. This can include creating detailed plans for garden layouts, hardscape features, and even outdoor living spaces. The goal is to create a landscape that reflects your personal style and meets your practical needs.

Landscape Installation

Implementing new landscape features is a transformative process that can range from installing simple flower beds to complex elements like water features, patios, or outdoor kitchens. This service involves careful planning and design to ensure that new installations complement the existing landscape and meet your functional needs. Whether it’s adding vibrant floral displays, constructing a tranquil pond, or setting up a cozy fire pit area, landscape installation is about creating an outdoor space that reflects your style and enhances your quality of life.

Planting Services

Planting services are essential for adding life and color to your garden. Skilled landscapers can help you select plants that thrive in your region’s climate and soil type, ensuring a flourishing garden. From ornamental trees to seasonal flowers, the right combination of plants can create a vibrant and inviting outdoor space. Planting services also include the strategic placement of plants to complement the landscape’s design.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Tree and shrub trimming services are vital for maintaining the health and appearance of these important landscape features. Regular trimming helps to control the size and shape of trees and shrubs, while also removing any dead or diseased branches. Well-maintained trees and shrubs can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and can also contribute to the overall health of your garden by improving sunlight exposure and air circulation.

Mulching and Edging

Mulching is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy and attractive garden. It involves the application of a layer of material, such as bark or compost, over the soil around plants. Mulching helps retain soil moisture, suppresses weed growth, and can improve soil fertility over time. Regular lawn bed maintenance, including edging and weeding, ensures that your garden beds look neat and well-cared-for, complementing the beauty of your plants.

Sod or Turf Installation

Installing new sod or turf is an efficient way to establish a lush, green lawn quickly. This service is ideal for new properties or for restoring lawns that have been damaged. Professional landscapers will prepare the ground, lay the sod or turf evenly, and provide guidance on how to care for it, ensuring a healthy and vibrant lawn. Sod installation can dramatically improve the appearance of your outdoor space in a relatively short amount of time.

Ground-Cover Trimming/Controlling

Managing and trimming ground cover plants is essential for maintaining a neat and structured appearance in your landscape. This service involves careful pruning to control growth, encouraging the ground cover to fill in areas evenly without encroaching on other plants or walkways. It also includes removing any invasive weeds or unwanted species that may compete with your ground cover. Regular trimming helps to enhance the overall health and aesthetic of your garden beds, ensuring a lush, well-manicured look.

Debris Removal (Including Fall Leaves)

Debris removal is a critical service for maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of your landscape. It involves the thorough collection and disposal of leaves, branches, and other organic matter that accumulate over time. This service is particularly important after storms or seasonal changes when debris tends to build up. Regular debris removal not only keeps your property looking tidy but also prevents potential hazards and promotes the health of your lawn and garden beds by allowing better air circulation and sunlight penetration.


Grading is a crucial process for shaping the terrain to promote effective drainage and provide a solid foundation for landscaping projects. It involves meticulously leveling the ground to prevent water pooling and ensure proper runoff, especially in areas prone to heavy rain. This service is particularly vital in protecting the structural integrity of buildings and preserving the health of garden beds.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

When trees pose a safety hazard, obstruct construction, or become diseased, professional tree removal services are essential. Expert landscapers employ safe, efficient methods to remove trees and stumps, minimizing any risk of damage to your property. This service also includes careful consideration of the surrounding landscape to maintain its balance and beauty.

Ground Bed Maintenance

Ground bed maintenance is about nurturing the areas surrounding your plant beds. It encompasses diligent weeding, soil cultivation to promote healthy growth, precise edge definition for a polished look, and regular mulching. This service also involves vigilant pest and disease management to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your plants.

Spring and Fall Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance prepares your landscape for the upcoming weather changes. Spring services focus on clearing the remnants of winter, while fall maintenance involves thorough leaf removal and prepping your plants to withstand the colder months. These services are key to maintaining a resilient and flourishing landscape year-round.

Trimming and Pruning

Regular trimming and pruning are essential for maintaining the health and aesthetics of your trees, shrubs, and hedges. This service includes the careful removal of overgrown or dead branches and expert shaping to promote plant health and enhance visual appeal.

Yard Cleanup

Yard cleanup services are indispensable for keeping your landscape tidy and attractive. This involves the removal of leaves, branches, and other natural debris, which is crucial not only for aesthetics but also for the health and safety of your lawn and garden areas.

Seasonal Color and Flower Planting

Planting seasonal flowers and plants adds vibrant colors and dynamic beauty to your landscape. This service involves selecting and planting species that bloom at different times throughout the year, ensuring a continuously appealing and lively garden.

General Bed Maintenance/Detailing

Regular upkeep of garden beds is essential for a well-maintained landscape. This includes removing weeds, deadheading flowers to encourage new growth, and maintaining bed edges for a clean and organized appearance.

Lawn Protect and Feed

This service ensures your lawn remains healthy and lush. It involves applying the right balance of fertilizers and implementing pest control treatments to protect your lawn from insects, diseases, and other damaging factors.


Applying mulch is an integral part of landscape maintenance. It helps retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden beds.

Highest rated sod installation and grass growting service in Central Ohio

Planting and Sodding Services

Professional landscape services often include planting and sodding, essential for establishing new lawns or repairing damaged areas:

  1. Sodding: This involves laying pre-grown grass, providing an instant lawn. It’s ideal for quick lawn establishment or repairing large damaged areas.
  2. Slice Seeding: Planting grass seed is a more gradual approach to lawn establishment but allows for a broader choice of grass types.
  3. Overseeding: This is the process of planting new grass seeds over existing turf to thicken the lawn and improve its appearance​​​​.
  4. Hydroseeding: Using a liquid slurry of water, seed, and fertilizer, we can efficiently cover a large area to promote uniform grass growth.

Professional landscaping experts can assess your lawn’s needs and recommend the best method for planting or repairing your lawn as part of a larger landscaping project.

Time to call the pros for your lawn care?

When to Call the Professionals

While DIY landscaping is rewarding, there are times when it’s best to call in the professionals:

  1. Expertise for Optimal Results: Hiring a professional landscaper ensures your outdoor space benefits from the expertise and knowledge of seasoned, certified  professionals. Our team understands the specific needs of various plants, soil types, and climate conditions, ensuring your landscaping project thrives with optimal results.
  2. Time-Saving Convenience: Life can get hectic, and landscaping projects often demand much more time than anticipated. By choosing a professional like Quality Yard & Home Maintenance, you free up your schedule for what matters most to you, while we handle the intricate details of design, planting, and maintenance, ensuring your outdoor space flourishes without consuming your valuable time.
  3. Cost-Efficiency Over Time: While a DIY approach might seem cost-effective initially, mistakes or oversights can lead to added expenses down the line. Professionals like us bring industry knowledge to the table, helping you avoid potential pitfalls and costly errors. Investing in a professional landscaper ensures long-term success, making it a wise and economical choice for your outdoor haven.

Save yourself time, energy and ultimately money by calling the pros at Quality Yard & Home Maintenance for your landscaping projects.

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